Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I do exercise regularly.

I run, swim if the water is warm enough, bike, a little weights and stretching, different each day of the week. I am not using a regular program, but try to focus on one cardio per week and have a little bit of the rest in it.

Try bodyweight exercises
So I tried some other stuff, push-ups (pew), squats, lunges, bicycle crunches, burpees, pullups, chinups, russian twists and so on, for half an hour. I am beat! The burpees are killers, I had to stop very soon and just did some pushups and jump squats, that was definitely enough! Found nice info on this at, liked some videos on and especially liked the description at Sandeep, although it is not as designed as the other ones.

So I guess this will help me get fit again, I was a little stunned when my daughter ran faster on short distance than I did! I guess she is training now too, as I told her that's not going to happen again. She has a healthy attitude to competition... Might be that it hurts getting there, I feel the crunch even when sitting. A little pain, but a nice feeling anyway!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A fresh start with a bow

I want to make a new bow again. After having done that once, I always wanted to do that again. The eternal question is ..... "when". When would I have time enough to do that? All the tools and materials? Now I have the time, but do I want to spend the money?

Either having time - while searching for a new job - or having money while having a job, but hardly ever both, this can be quite challenging.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead. I started taking a course (beginner) at K.C. Outdoors on Saturday mornings, and it is just great. First time I had quite some bruises on my left arm from the string hitting it, but second time was much better. And I think I am pretty good, I really hit the target sometimes.

So, I placed an ad on craigslist, someone responded and I felled two small elm trees, the straightest we could find. (THANKS, Daryll!)
Home again, I split them with an axe and two metal wedges, and then skinned them with my knife. They are pretty crooked and have some big, many small branches, but I'll just give it a try. I cannot wait (hope I can, though) to start cutting the bow out of the trunk, I wonder how long I have to wait for them to dry. They seem pretty dry from the start, may be because of that long drought they are relatively dry already. Hm.

(I need a draw knife still, but that's not that easy to find. )
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