Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Found a maracuja - flower in my garden

This is the first - not so little - flower from the passion flower in the garden. There were some buds since a few days, but yesterday this opened in all its beauty. There is a native passion flower in Texas that carries flowers and even sometimes bears edible fruit - who could withstand these temptations!

It is also heat tolerant (or even needs it) and a butterfly larvae host, a good plant to have, so we got it some 2 month ago, and while it is still very small and far from covering the fence, it clearly has taken root and is doing well.

Passion flowers are also called maracuja, make a delicious treat and juice, although they might take a moment to adjust too, the texture is surprising.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's day - what region or country was our food from?

Good food, interesting way to pick up the food and move it into the mouth in this place. And really good cheesecake - although that's not typical for the region from where the food was.

The language shows what food it was, and the coffee pot is an indication of what region, too.

So, where was I invited yesterday for father's day?

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