Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, I guess I have to admit it. I don't just love cooking and baking, but I love eating, too! I like a lot of things and having traveled some I was lucky enough to try many different tastes and dishes. Fortunately the healthiest is among the best tasting stuff: Avocados, nuts, full grain bread, spices and herbs, fruits of all kinds. Hm, how delicious a red or black currant, a goose berry or a ripe date. How rich an anchovy or tuna with avocado, hot sauce, mustard and onion.

Well, and then there is sweet stuff. Cake is ok, pastries usually to sweet. How about some Haribo or Katjes? Hmm. And chocolate, the darker the better. My favorite has been the 70% or 85% Lindt dark chocolate, but I discovered the new 90% Lind supreme dark chocolate today, and I am stunned by the rich taste, deliciously lingering in my mouth for 10 minutes after swallowing. AWESOME. Tried some other brands, but this is the best so far. (Feel free to recommend other!)

I guess it is even to new for their Lindt website, as they don't show it yet. (Uh, oh.....)
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