Thursday, November 19, 2015


And another bread - but this crust cracked nicely, don't you think?
On the picture it is visible what I use on my baking sheets - oatmeal. Before, I mainly used corn flour, but I found that 1 min oats work as well to keep the sticking to a minimum, the flavor is much better. And as I often use some oats in the dough as well....

 And I just love my steel baking sheets, tried them all, nothing better than steel. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bowl painting at the Ceramic Lodge

Once a year we have a team meeting to do good with the "Austin empty bowl project" - sponsored by Dell. In my understanding: someone can buy the final bowl which each of us paints at an event later this year ( along with tasting of soups and other foods)  and the returns go towards feeding Austin's hungry.

And it's fun, one to spend some time with the team, not working, second painting these bowls.
I have been at the Ceramic Lodge a few times now and really enjoy this. The team is fun and funny, painting creative and relaxing. It takes maybe one hour, perhaps one and a half, to prepare and paint - and the team comes up with many, very different designs, from storm troopers, day of the dead or x-mas, just random patterns or dog bowls.

This time I decided to paint the outside completely and first, and then the inside (above photo). It's not burned yet, so colors and look will change significantly.

Austin empty bowl project 
Ceramic lodge

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Orange bread

Guests are coming, so I was wondering what to try. I found some nice dried orange peel, and recalled a nice bread I once made with fresh orange and lime peel.

 So, found the recipe, and substituted the fresh with dried orange peel (organic). Especially with citrus I don't want to use the rind from not organic limes, I decided to substitute the lime with lemon verbena syrup.
This late summer I made a larger batch of lemon verbena syrup, had a lot of leaves to start with and also a nice recipe for a shake with blueberries, the syrup and sparkling water. SO good.

The first bread I made... did not fly, so to say. Bricks don't do that. I think the yeast might not be fresh enough, or the salt and citrus peel hinder the yeast, or I had just too little liquid in it.
So... second try a bit more water... and it came out quite delicious. Best, with a bit of fresh butter, though almond butter and cream cheese are pretty good with it, too. Nice, dark and soft crust, delicate, very slightly moist crumb. Won't last long....

Friday, October 09, 2015

Found this on my phone. I cooked slices of organic oranges in sugarwater and then dried them on cooling racks over parchment - otherwise everything will get sticky. 

Love these just like that as a treat: they are a bit bitter, a bit sweet and fruity.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Flour, water, yeast, salt

Came out nicely, I think.

And no photoshopping this is as is, just scaled: convert bread.jpg -unsharp 0x6+0.5+0 -resize 550 bread-sm.jpg .

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Ashes, Ashes

Now that was a surprise - if you have a chance, go, watch it.

Really neat play, dystopian, steampunk children's theater. Very well played, very creatively put in scene, outstanding costumes and scene backgrounds. I ( and we ) especially loved the surrealistic elements, and the surprising sounds some of the actors made.

And - not such a small feat - they have quite some free parking during plays in Austin central.

Played in the scenic former 'Turnhalle', built 1871/1872 and since many years home to various mason groups.

Scottish Rite Theater: Ashes, Ashes

Saturday, May 2 – 11:00 AM
Sunday, May 3 – 2:00 PM
Saturday, May 9 – 11:00 AM
Sunday, May 10 – 2:00 PM
Saturday, May 16 – 11:00 AM
Sunday, May 17 – 2:00 PM
Saturday, May 23 – 11:00 AM

Friday, February 27, 2015

School Germs

Many germs in many schools...

but these look like school is so much more fun then in my time. Udo made these with Pam, and he clearly had some fun.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Having a little garden is fun - and i love to experiment, try new things. So... one of my new favorite teas is:     Oregano.

Tastes pretty much like the (organic) oregano it is, no sweetener of any kind, and is a hearty, bitterly brew, just right for a quiet evening. I can't have this too often, but it is a nice change from green, black and other herbal / fruit teas. (We also have it at times to help soothe a cold or sore).

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Winter vacations

We had some nice time off the last two weeks off, and I barely touched any computer, but read 5 books.  We also visited a few folks, and went to South Padre Island - cold, windy, but beautiful nevertheless.

Even the water was not very cold - but currents prohibit swimming most times we're down there.

Quite empty beach on South Padre Island, TX

Our sweet little dog on his first beach trip, enjoying a good run and a stiff breeze.

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