Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bowl painting at the Ceramic Lodge

Once a year we have a team meeting to do good with the "Austin empty bowl project" - sponsored by Dell. In my understanding: someone can buy the final bowl which each of us paints at an event later this year ( along with tasting of soups and other foods)  and the returns go towards feeding Austin's hungry.

And it's fun, one to spend some time with the team, not working, second painting these bowls.
I have been at the Ceramic Lodge a few times now and really enjoy this. The team is fun and funny, painting creative and relaxing. It takes maybe one hour, perhaps one and a half, to prepare and paint - and the team comes up with many, very different designs, from storm troopers, day of the dead or x-mas, just random patterns or dog bowls.

This time I decided to paint the outside completely and first, and then the inside (above photo). It's not burned yet, so colors and look will change significantly.

Austin empty bowl project 
Ceramic lodge

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Orange bread

Guests are coming, so I was wondering what to try. I found some nice dried orange peel, and recalled a nice bread I once made with fresh orange and lime peel.

 So, found the recipe, and substituted the fresh with dried orange peel (organic). Especially with citrus I don't want to use the rind from not organic limes, I decided to substitute the lime with lemon verbena syrup.
This late summer I made a larger batch of lemon verbena syrup, had a lot of leaves to start with and also a nice recipe for a shake with blueberries, the syrup and sparkling water. SO good.

The first bread I made... did not fly, so to say. Bricks don't do that. I think the yeast might not be fresh enough, or the salt and citrus peel hinder the yeast, or I had just too little liquid in it.
So... second try a bit more water... and it came out quite delicious. Best, with a bit of fresh butter, though almond butter and cream cheese are pretty good with it, too. Nice, dark and soft crust, delicate, very slightly moist crumb. Won't last long....

Friday, October 09, 2015

Found this on my phone. I cooked slices of organic oranges in sugarwater and then dried them on cooling racks over parchment - otherwise everything will get sticky. 

Love these just like that as a treat: they are a bit bitter, a bit sweet and fruity.

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