Monday, July 28, 2014

Salted - Salado: a trip to the Salado Glassworks - glass blower in action

Salado is a little settling some miles north of Round Rock, Texas, a bit further north than Georgetown with its nice 'downtown' area.

So, we went to explore Salado, and stopped right away at the 'Salado glassworks'. A truly inspiring experience. It was the last day before they were going to close for a few months because they are moving to a larger facility. Gail Allard, artist and owner made a few beer kegs out of glass - blow, turn, mold, handle - while we and a few other folks were watching. WANT! to try. Some pictures below. Afterwards we checked the former college out ( with cowboys attending, at times) and some springs from the Edwards Aquifer - nice and fresh to cool our feet.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A few days off

We had a few nice days off - travelling to the Mexican Border, staying with family.

Including a nice visit to the Brownsville Zoo (just before it started to pour like crazy) and South Padre Island. The water actually was quite warm - so nice to get into the ocean again. And the clouds were very welcome. Still hot, but not too hot - just right.

At the beach - in and out of the water all the time

and Udo petting the stingray.
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