Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spontaneous Crib

There were these three little robots and the box, and plop .. there was this idea as well. No offense meant, just a different way to picture something familiar.

Friday, September 03, 2010


Have you ever seen a bouquet of tulips, plain tulips, mature, open, weld in a vase over days and weeks, drizzling the tablecloth with golden dust, and then, petals one by one?

This book has an abundance of amazing pictures of tulips, versatile, simple, waxen, complex, manifold.

Just tulips and plain background, a guide to beautiful names with a Hi-Story to tell.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally art again

How to get adventure loving kids to go and look at some fine art? Well, for me it worked father's day. After a wonderful breakfast prepared by Aly, we headed towards the Austin Museum of Art at the Laguna Gloria. (AMOA, One of the very few places like this in Austin open before noon. )

And how lovely a place! A wonderful old building placed at the Laguna Gloria and the Colorado. Some nice art in there and a landscape to dream about. Built on a slope of a small hill it gives a wonderful view on these waters, endless greens with sculptures and small pathways.

The bronze from Beverly Penn is spectacular, I did not know you can cast bronze this filigree. Pond stones from Liz Ward are similar in a way - decent from afar, delicate from close up. The 'sabine cache' by Faith Gay is a wonderful piece as well as the dark palm tree in the main room. And these gardens!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Itunes U and Podcasts

I just love it. I work out pretty regularly, running, swimming, biking, some weights, some stretches, just a nice mix. And I listen to podcasts.

There is the NPR 'Wait, wait... don't tell me', some music podcasts and so on. But best of all is Itunes U: I just listened to the not very recent episode from Standford on Risk Management at Cisco "Managing Risk in an uncertain World" featuring Leslie Lamb.

I try to learn a interesting topics, which have a relation to my job (online marketing) but are not in my core area. And risk is important and interesting. At another time I listend to "why zebras don't get ulcer", algebra or how search engines work by some Google person.

I can really recommmend to try out the iTunesU part in iTunes! (Or search for itunes u

And for sure, as a professional I have to congratulate Apple to this move, this iTunes U program is excellent outreach and relationship building and managing.

The whole thing has one negative aspect ... if I listen to interesting stories and lectures, I don't work out as hard as when I listen to some nice beats....

Friday, March 12, 2010


Joy! Got my new bow yesterday, a few days before I expeced it to arrive. 50# takedown recurve from 3rivers archery. NICE. A little to strong, though. I had tried another 50# before, which was fine, but now I have the slight feeling they made a mistake at cabelas and gave me a 40# and thought it was a 50#....

Well, they made up for it when I bought a dozen arrows yesterday, was quite good. I was there a little late, just one guy, very helpful.

After that, I finished the bow in the evening with attaching a nocking point and plates, fixed the tips to the arrows, found a place to store and so on.

Sigh. So next week I will get a year's pass for a target range not to far and start shooting!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pickled Herring

Love it, just love it. One of my childhood favorites, and even today. I had to travel to Germany for nearly a week, so I bought all the ingredients and ... hmmm, so good.

The key is to soak the onion rings for a few hours in the vinegar, and to have some fresh butter with it.

In my childhood we used to peel the potatoes, but this time I just washed them before boiling, tastes just fine.

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