Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally art again

How to get adventure loving kids to go and look at some fine art? Well, for me it worked father's day. After a wonderful breakfast prepared by Aly, we headed towards the Austin Museum of Art at the Laguna Gloria. (AMOA, One of the very few places like this in Austin open before noon. )

And how lovely a place! A wonderful old building placed at the Laguna Gloria and the Colorado. Some nice art in there and a landscape to dream about. Built on a slope of a small hill it gives a wonderful view on these waters, endless greens with sculptures and small pathways.

The bronze from Beverly Penn is spectacular, I did not know you can cast bronze this filigree. Pond stones from Liz Ward are similar in a way - decent from afar, delicate from close up. The 'sabine cache' by Faith Gay is a wonderful piece as well as the dark palm tree in the main room. And these gardens!
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