Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Having a little garden is fun - and i love to experiment, try new things. So... one of my new favorite teas is:     Oregano.

Tastes pretty much like the (organic) oregano it is, no sweetener of any kind, and is a hearty, bitterly brew, just right for a quiet evening. I can't have this too often, but it is a nice change from green, black and other herbal / fruit teas. (We also have it at times to help soothe a cold or sore).

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Winter vacations

We had some nice time off the last two weeks off, and I barely touched any computer, but read 5 books.  We also visited a few folks, and went to South Padre Island - cold, windy, but beautiful nevertheless.

Even the water was not very cold - but currents prohibit swimming most times we're down there.

Quite empty beach on South Padre Island, TX

Our sweet little dog on his first beach trip, enjoying a good run and a stiff breeze.

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